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 Our focus is the prevention, control and treatment of eating disorders, emphasising early intervention and empathetic care.


Our program will equip educators with the knowledge and resources necessary to support young people experiencing an eating disorder. The program covers a range of key components.


Signs and Symptoms:

Recognising the signs of an eating disorder is the first step in offering support. Through this module, we empower individuals to identify the subtle and not-so-subtle cues, allowing early intervention and empathetic conversations.


Myths and Misconceptions:

Eradicating myths is crucial in dismantling the stigma surrounding eating disorders. By dispelling common misconceptions, we pave the way for informed, compassionate discussions.


Language of Seeking Help:

What language to use, to build communication and break down resistance. Hide N Seek firmly believes that educators can serve as influential advocates for positive change in the lives of young people affected by eating disorders.

- Private and Public Schools & All staff members

- Online or Face to Face Sessions 
- Flexibility of single or multiple sessions based on school needs.
- Offer follow-up and ongoing support for participants.

Ambassador program

Hide N Seek has developed a training for individuals within schools to become Eating Disorder support team leaders AKA “Ambassadors of the program”.


These Ambassadors will be given the opportunity, training, and tools to take ownership of supporting school colleagues and students. 

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